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The Genealogy of Bianchi, Belyea, Crosby, Drawdy, Evans, Hooper, Francisco, Galloway, Grooms, Gerold, McBride, Monroe, Paoli, Popp, Richardson, Rodewald, Schuchmann, Segelhorst, Snyder, Worden families as well as many Adjacent Branches



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Sojourn - from an old English word meaning to journey for a time in a place or continuing or remaining in a place or state. May all your Genealogical Journeys be pleasant or at least interesting!


Documents on other sites:
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A Brief Account of the Francisco Family
purple bullet
Biographical And Historical Souvenir For The Counties Of Clark, Crawford, Harrison, Floyd, Jefferson, Jennings, Scott And Washington. Indiana
(Includes some Francisco, Schoolcraft, Baxter, Beckemeyer, Commisky Bios)

purple bullet
A History of William F Segelhorst
purple bullet
Cisco Family Documents
(Francisco Families)
purple bullet
A History of The Henry W Temme Family
purple bullet
A Brief History Of Immanuel Evangelical Church
Submitted by:  Pamela Safriet
Source:  The "75th Anniversary IMMANUEL CHURCH
(Evangelical and Reformed)" booklet.
(Schuchmann, Beckemeyer, Frye Families)

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Land Grants and Patents
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Burval Family Genealogy
Articles about the Brannen and Kelly Families
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Keswick in the English Lake District is nestled between the North Lakeland fells and Derwentwater, England's widest and most stunning lake.
Read the article Elizabethan Klondike by George Bott

(Hoechstetter / Hechstetter Family)

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Burple, Recollections Of My Youth
By Michael T Worden
(Crosby, Worden and related families)

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The Isaacks Family In America and Texas
By Samuel J. Isaacks

and The Letter of John F. Purswell
Ancestors and Family of Steve and Jo Ann Moody
Moody and Baker Family Genealogy
Issacks Family

Of Interest:
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In Sickness and In Health
Epidemics and When they Happened

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Genealogical Abbreviations
Genealogical Common Symbols
Genealogical Glossary

purple bullet Relationship Chart
United States Postal Service Abbreviations
Land Measurement Conversion Guide
A Little Bit Of Town And County Trivia

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Wit & Wisdom - Genealogy Humor and Poetry

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Acknowledgments / Graphics
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Bianchi's Genealogy Links
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