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Personal Website
Our personal web site, this is my first and longest running design. It has been online since 1995.

Our Genealogy Site
With almost 4000 members, Alamo PC Organization is the second largest PC User Group in the Western Hemisphere. This is my largest and most complex site, with almost 3000 documents and growing daily.

Alamo PC Org
The redesigned site for the Alamo PC Organization went online in August 2003. It now contains over 6000 documents, server merge features and interactive databases.

Our Genealogy Site
Our personal Genealogy site listed information on 6000 individuals.

Updated Genialogy Site
Our personal Genealogy site updated now contains over 80,000 individuals, more to be added soon.

Suprise Balls
This site was designed for a client that was selling children's party favors. The site is no longer online.

Circle D
Designed for a local Realtor, this design is no longer active.
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